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The floors in parking garages are required to withstand a wide range of stresses and exposures including  thermal variations, atmospheric carbonation, salt contaminated water, traffic impact and abrasion, plus deck movement, together with the waterproofing requirements.

It is important that any floor coating or topping system be designed specifically to use on either a suspended slab deck or slab on grade (slab on grade would be the lowest level of the garage). A slab on grade deck will have minor amounts of moisture passing through it so its important that the coating or traffic topping used has the necessary amount of permeability (vapour diffusibility) or it will prematurely fail


Our suspended decking traffic toppings consist of various components. An elastomeric membrane which is designed to bridge application cracks and a top coat or a flexible aggregate filled with non skid wearcourse which is formulated to withstand the most severe vehicular traffic.


Suspended Slab System benefits include:


Flexible waterproof membrane

Excellent anti-slip profile

Lighter than concrete overlays so reduces dead load on suspended slabs.

Excellent abrasion and wear resistance.

Excellent bond strength to properly prepared substrates.

Low modulus of elasticity, tolerating thermal movement of the substrate without cracking

Resistant to chlorides, oil, gasoline and other chemicals.

Reduces noise from tire squeal

Brightens up dull car park environments


Slab on Grade Floor System benefits


  • Aesthetically pleasing - brightens up dull, dark, musty car parks

  • Hard-wearing

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Slip resistant

  • Excellent bond strength

  • Moisture permeable

  • Resistant to chlorides, oil, gasoline and other chemicals.

  • Excellent bond strength to properly prepared substrates.

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