Electro Static Dissipative Coatings (ESD Coatings)  or Anti Static Coatings  & Sparkproof coatings or Conductive Coatings

Floor Coating,Warehouse Floor Painting

Floor Coating,Warehouse Floor Painting


Electro Static Dissipative Coatings (ESD Coatings)  also know as Anti Static Coatings - Scroll down for Conductive or Sparkproof Coatings


More than 50% of all breakdowns of electronic devices can be traced to ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE. In clean rooms, electronic chip manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, ESD control is vital to quality control.

One method of controlling ESD is preventing Electrostatic charge build-up by safely dissipating the charge through the judicious use of Conductive Coatings

For use in any areas where the build-up of static electricity is a hazard.   


A Static Dissipative Floor has a resistance of 1,000,000 – 1,000,000,000 ohms

per 3 ft. It adds no static electricity to the environment and drains off

a 5,000 - volt charge to zero in less than 0.2 seconds.


Typical Environments for an ESD Floor

Electronic Component Manufacturing

Electronic Assembly Plants

Data Centres




Hazardous Industries (dust or explosion hazards)


All electronics flooring is tested and certified to meet the required technical standard for the project.


  •  Durable, Attractive, Chemical Resistant, Non-Porous, Light Reflective Finish.

  •  Low Odor during application and cure.

  •  Maintains Electrical Conductivity Performance over the Wear Life of the System

  •  Provides an ESD finish in the range of 1,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 ohms resistance


Sparkproof Flooring also known as Static Conductive Flooring or Conductive Flooring

Manufacturing areas, solvent storage areas and dry rooms that handle or create explosive liquid, dust or vapor must develop and adhere to strict safety programs to avoid ignition of explosion hazards.. An Ignition-Control Conductive floor plays a vital role in any comprehensive ignition-control safety program. 


In the same type of family of coatings as ESD coatings, a sparkproof coating is a much more conductive coating. A Conductive Floor has a resistance of 25,000 x 1,000,000 ohms per 3 ft. It can drain static charge dissipating a 5,000 - volt

charge to zero in 0.05 seconds.


A conductive floor has a much lower electrical resistance than a static

dissipative floor. It will carry the static charges to a ground quickly

and efficiently as to prevent accidental discharge and ignition. If the

floor is too conductive, an operator on the floor can become too

effectively grounded and will suffer electrical shock. For this reason

the NFPA requires all flooring surfaces to have a minimum resistance

of 25,000 ohms. Frequent contact between tools and equipment,

or dropping the tools on the floor, will cause spark and ignition.

For those circumstances, a sparkproof conductive flooring system

is highly recommended. The rapid rate of charge dissipation of

conductive flooring can create a magnetic field which can present

a problem for manufacturers of electronic components.


  • Durable, Attractive, Chemical Resistant, Non-Porous, Light Reflective Finish.

  • Low Odor during application and cure.

  • Maintains Electrical Conductivity Performance over the Wear Life of the System

  • Provides an Sparkproof finish in the range of 25,000 ohms to 1,000,000 ohms resistance 


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